LED Decorative Outdoor Solar Cell Lights Powered Wall Lamp Patio Step Emergency Lighting For Garden Fence and Street Garland


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Solar stainless steel wall light outdoor courtyard garden wall light outdoor waterproof wireless wall light party lighting emergency light

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product details:

1: Using crystalline silicon solar panels

2: Stainless steel shell material

3: Imported high-quality 2835LED lamp beads,

long life, high brightness.

4: IP65 waterproof rating

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1: Automatically charge during the day and

automatically turn on the light at night

2: Select lithium battery, high temperature

resistance, longer life, fast charging, large

battery capacity, charging 6-8 hours, night work

about 8-10H

3: The product adopts a new generation of

chips to automatically adjust the power loss,

the lamp body has good airtightness,

waterproof, windproof and corrosion-proof.

Lights are still on on rainy days.

product comparison:


1: Using polycrystalline silicon solar panels, the

photoelectric conversion efficiency is high,

which can reach 15%-20%, which saves power

consumption and has a long life.

2: The stainless steel shell is preferred, which is

not afraid of abrasion, rust, durable, and

effectively protects the electronic components

in the lamp body.

3: The light source is 2835LED, which has good

heat dissipation and high brightness, and is

widely used in outdoor lighting and landscape



1: Using amorphous silicon solar panels, the

photoelectric conversion efficiency is low, only

about 10%, and it is not stable enough. As time

goes by, its conversion efficiency decays.

2: Use aluminum alloy as the outer shell. This is

an outdoor wall lamp. It is easy to oxidize when

exposed to the wind and sun for a long time,

and there will be scars, which will affect the

appearance and the life of the parts in the lamp.

3: In order to save costs, ordinary LED lamp

beads are used as the light source, which has

short life, low brightness and large loss.

Product parameters:

1: Solar panel: polysilicon 2v80ma (the shape

of the solar panel shall prevail upon receipt of

the actual product)

2: Battery: lithium battery 1.2v 600ma

3: Light source: 4/6LED (shipped randomly)

4: Power: 0.4w

5: Product size: 10cm*5.5cm*8cm

6: Product weight: about 110g/piece

7: Packing: 2 pcs/box

8: Color temperature: white light/warm light

9: Material: stainless steel + ABS

nstruction Manual:

This solar light needs no mains power lead. It

can turn on automatically at night and turn off

in the day time ,Do not turn off the switch, it

stays lit at night until there is no electricity,

charging during the day and lighting at night。

Security Information:

1:Caution: The contains small parts that

could be swallowed by children

2:Keep the packaging material away from

children and pets

3:The solar light is not a toy

4:We do not take responsibility if the

instruction manual is not followed correctly

or if the product is handled improperly

resulting in damage to person or


5: But don’t worry too much, just use it

correctly according to the instructions. It’s

very simple.

Setting up and installation:

1:Press the Auto/Off button, turn the light on

2:Drill two holes about 5mm diameter and

83mm distance.

3:Insert the plastic stopple and drive the

supplied screws in.

4: Hang on the wall。

5: The installation is complete.

Battery Change:

1:Release the scews at the light back

2:Take off the plastic cover.

3:Change the rechargeable battery 1.2V AA



Before use, please make sure that the solar wall

light is on (turn on the “auto” mode), the first

time you use it, please make sure that the sun

exposure time is long enough, about 6-8 hours

to activate the built-in battery, and turn off the

light at night to store the battery (because the

factory is basically There is not enough power

stored), turn on the charging button the next

day to continue direct sunlight, and it can work

normally at night. Keep the switch normally

open in the future to realize automatic lighting

during the day and night.

Package list:

2*Wall lamp


2*Mounting screws (2 sets)

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White and warm white wall lamp

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Vacation wall night light

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